Couple promotes Khmer mural paintings, carving arts
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Couple promotes Khmer mural paintings, carving arts Couple promotes Khmer mural paintings carving arts
VOV.VN - Young couple Son Sa The and Lam Phien of Soc Trang province have been well known among those interested in the Khmer arts of mural paintings and carving.

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Ms. The at work

The couple has created hundreds of beautiful mural paintings on Khmer pagodas and traditional Ngo racing boats.

There is just  a few days left until the Khmer people’s Ooc Om Boc Festival officially begins with its traditional Ngo (Khmer boat) race.

Son Sa The and her husband Lam Phien are completing their decorations on a Ngo racing boat of the Day Ta Sua pagoda in My Tu district’s Soc Soai hamlet. She said each Ngo boat has its own decorative patterns and symbols. In the case of the Day Ta Sua pagoda, a unicorn was painted on the nose of the boat.

"It takes us around 1 week to complete the decorations. The boat’s body took us 3 days to draw the pattern and paint it, while the boat’s nose and tail took us 1 day each to complete because these are the most difficult parts," said Ms. The. 

Mural paintings created by the couple provide visitors to Soc Trang with a better understanding of Khmer culture, which is closely associated with Theravada Buddhism. Thach Hon of  the Day Ta Sua pagoda said he is very satisfied with decorations created by the couple on the pagoda’s Ngo racing boat.

"I’ve seen many mural paintings but I like the most those created by Son Sa The and her husband. We’re very satisfied with their artwork," said Mr. Hon.

Son Sa The was born in a family with a multi-generational history of creating mural paintings for Khmer pagodas. She was taught all the skills of the art during her teenage years by her grandfather who was a famous sculptor and artisan in the Mekong Delta at that time.

She told VOV, "I started learning the art at the age of 8 and could create mural paintings of my own by the time I was 14. It was not easy at first but I’ve always wanted to follow my passion and promote my family’s traditional craft."

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Lam Phien says he loves his job and wants to promote the art.

In 1995, Son Sa The got married to her husband Lam Phien, who was a student of her grandfather. The couple has been to creating mural paintings and sculptures for Khmer pagodas since 1996. Stories from the life of the  Buddha  were featured in a vivid manner in murals created by the couple at many pagodas.

Lam Phien told VOV, "I love this traditional art of the Khmer people. I want to do my best to preserve and disseminate the art. I only learned carving at first but then I tried my hand at mural paintings. Now I can do both and am fortunate to create art works loved by many people."

Through their art works, Son Sa The and Lam Phien are doing their best to protect and promote the beautiful culture of the Khmer people in southern Vietnam.