5,112 Chinese workers in Vietnam put into quarantine for COVID19 monitoring
5,112 Chinese workers in Vietnam put into quarantine for COVID19 monitoring workers
VOV.VN - A total of 41 localities nationwide have had 5,112 cases of Chinese nationals being put into isolation and monitored for signs of the novel coronavirus (COVID19), according to a recent report released by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA).

5,112 chinese workers in vietnam put into quarantine for covid19 monitoring hinh 0
The report states that, 33,775 Chinese labourers employ in different localities nationwide have been granted work permits, including 26,388 Chinese workers who returned to their homeland for the Lunar New Year festival or Tet.

According to recent updates, a total of 15,018 Chinese workers have been present in the nation as of February 10,  including 7,388 workers who remained in the country during Tet, and 7,630 Chinese workers who have returned to Vietnam following Tet.

The report states that according to the data from the 41 localities, there have been 5,112 cases of Chinese labourers being put into isolation for monitoring.

Of the figure, 248 cases had been in the country for 14 days, with a further 1,085 cases entering less than 14 days ago, and 3,779 cases arriving less than 10 days previously.

All of the workers have been put into isolation at corporate dormitories and hotels, although some suspected cases have been monitored at health facilities.

Despite the numbers of Chinese workers returning to Vietnam, MoLISA has stated that a large number have remained in their home country after Tet as a result of the COVID19 epidemic.

At present, localities have faced challenges in identifying foreign workers from affected areas due to many nations only publishing data regarding individual citizens who have been infected with the COVID19, as opposed to giving information about the epidemic areas.