Italian ambassador hails VN initiative to assist COVID-19 hit country
Italian ambassador hails VN initiative to assist COVID-19 hit country Antonio Alessandro, the Italian ambassado
VOV.VN - Antonio Alessandro, the Italian ambassador to Vietnam, has expressed his sincere gratitude to Vietnamese alumni of Italian universities for starting up a fund-raising initiative aimed at purchasing medical supplies for Italian people in their fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

italian ambassador hails vn initiative to assist covid-19 hit country hinh 0
 Checks men's temperature in front of the docked 'Splendid' ship in Italy (Photo: Reuters) 
A letter by Ambassador Alessandro published on the embassy’s website in Hanoi states his joy regarding the initiative, adding that the embassy stands ready to carry out all procedures necessary in order to ensure that this “beautiful example of solidarity” is conducted in a quick and effective manner.

“I would like to thank from bottom of my heart all the Vietnamese who participate in the initiative for your kindness and heart warming gestures you shown to the people of Italy. Your actions one again proven the importance of the people-to-people diplomacy that connect Italy and Vietnam, particularly between Vietnamese and Italian youths and students, whose extraordinary capacity to create sincere bonds that are forged by affection, appreciation and cooperation which is stronger than ever in the time of need.”

The diplomat also went on to express his belief that the virus will soon be defeated in Italy, in addition to in Vietnam, and other countries globally.

The letter comes as the Uni Italia Office opened their bank account on March 21 to receive contributions that are to be donated to Italy. The proceeds raised will be used in the purchase of protective equipment, particularly medical face masks, which are to be shipped to the Vietnamese embassy in Rome where they will be distributed to local people and Vietnamese students in Italy.

At present, the European country is bearing the brunt of the COVID-19, with the number of deaths climbing to over 4,000 whilst infections number over 47,000.